NH Liquor Commission Headquarters Renovation

Concord NH

In 2015 Charters Brothers was the successful bidder for the highly sought-after New Hampshire Liquor Commission Headquarters Renovation. This project provided the Liquor Commission with additional space that proved to be vital to the success of their gowning operations. Although it was a very attractive project to many, it also came with its challenges due to the nature of being an occupied renovation.

Strategic planning led by the Charters Brothers team in cooperation with the owner, helped ensure minimal disruption to existing operations and allowed the project to be a complete success, finishing ahead of schedule and within budget. The renovation involved converting approximately 7,500sf of existing retail space into new offices and provided upgrades to life safety, ADA access, new restrooms, a lounge area, and an expansive hearing room among other improvements. All work was completed meeting the team’s high standards and boasting first class finishes.

Project Snapshot

Owner:State of New Hampshire
Delivery Method:General Contractor
Completion:Fall 2015
Challenges:Occupied renovation
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